About Us

About Us

“Desi” online saree website or Brand are renowned for their quality, design, and commitment to preserving India’s traditional weaves.

You can buy many types of best online sarees by “Desi” online website. It also known for its exquisite collection of Rajasthani sarees. It offers a variety of traditional sarees, including Line Cotton Saree, Cotton Suit Set, Chandari Silk, Organza Lehariya, Maheshwari Silk, Khadi silk, Kota Doriya, Kota Doriya Suits, Bandhani Sarees, Leheriya Sarees, Kota Doria Sarees, Block Print Sarees, Gota Patti Sarees, and more.
Many Types of best printed Sarees with ,Skin friendly and environment friendly products, like Hand Block Print , Dabu print and bagur print , Dye in natural colour, Chemical free colour , Jahota print and more.

Skin Friendly Saree Textiles and Environment Friendly Products

“Desi” Skin-friendly saree textiles and environment-friendly saree products have gained significant popularity in recent times as people become more conscious of the impact of clothing on their health and the environment.

  • Cotton sarees are highly preferred for their softness, sensitive skin and breathability.
  • Pure silk sarees also has natural temperature-regulating properties, providing comfort in all weather conditions, and beneficial for the skin.
  • Khadi Sarees is known for its thermal insulation properties, keeping the body cool in summers and warm in winters.
  • Linen is a skin-friendly fabric known for its breathability and moisture-wicking properties.

Celebrating Diversity with Regional Sarees

Regional sarees in India are unique due to their distinctive weaving techniques, designs, and motifs, reflecting the cultural heritage of their respective regions. Celebrities and fashion enthusiasts worldwide embrace Indian sarees for their elegance, versatility, and intricate craftsmanship.